Keyword Sonar

Automagic monitor for facebook posts on groups and pages


You launched a sonar to monitor for "logo designer" keyword

online lead generation

Get email instantly when someone is looking for logo designers

5587+ Users

8955+ groups

17690+ sonars

239637+ leads

How it works

Select group to monitor

Copy paste the URL address of the group that you want to monitor into the input field. Monitor open groups

Select your keywords

Write the search words or phrases the sonar should monitor. You can write muliple words/phrases and negative

Receive emails instantly

Receive notice when the sonar finds what you are looking for. You can select instant, daily or weekly notices


Some of the use cases

Whether you are a freelancer or represent a large company, new clients can always be hard to catch. Instead of pushing advertising, Keyword Sonar will let you approach them when they are looking for your service.

Keeping an eye on brand mentions, feedback and critique can be hard on facebook. Setting up monitors will let you know once your brand is mentioned on selected pages/groups – and let you respond or help.

You can use Keyword Sonar to collect data and track different products, services, ideas, politics, news and various numbers and use them in your big data analytics results for better decisions.

You can use Keyword Sonar to keep an eye on your competetors and transversal communities and markets and this information can be utilized in strategy and various plannings.

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